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iPod-compatibiliteit on the original iPod property leg devised for use with macintosh computers with Mac DC 9 or Mac DC X, but Apple also started sale or Windows-compatibele iPod on 17 July 2002. Apple Windows-versie or iTunes on 16 October 2003; more rather, Windows-gebruikers necessary or third parties software such ash
Musicmatch jukebox (provided with Windows iPods by the release or the Windows version or iTunes), ephPod, or XPlay for the management or the music on their iPods. iPods sent initially formatted with Apple' s native traffic-jam system, HFS plus (Hierarchical traffic-jam system) and therefore would only work with Apple' s Mac DC because Windows sacrifice no support for HFS plus. iPod formatted with HFS plus are able ash a boat serve disk for a macintosh computer, ash a result or which has leg installed to property an useful, postage-able control system on their iPod. With the arrival or Windows-compatibele the iPod, Apple iPod the standard traffic-jam system FAT32 it is integrated to FAT32, because the only traffic-jam system that has leg used can become with both native Mac DC and Windows. Fourth generation iPods and could be maggot ate starting up Macintosh again by their hard disks with HFS plus.
The iPodLinux project property successfully geporteerd POOR (Advanced RISC machine) version or Linux-kernel argue on iPods. It supports ate present firstly by the third generation iPods and functions simple installatieprogramma' s for Mac DC X and Windows. Linux-interface property leg confessed ash " Podzilla". The interface will argue on all iPods, but the development team sacrifices no support for the use or it. The iPod use or standard USB-en FireWire-massa-opslag-connectiviteit, and therefore exactly with a mass rise support can assemble and use ash an external hard disk. The iPod also free or charge or USB-of FireWire-poort, independently or software support.
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Product Features – "3G, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 5 MPixel, EDGE, iOS 4"

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